“Fake it till’ you make it”… We’ve all heard it before. If you’ve ever taken my trainings or attended an event I’ve spoken at, you’ve probably even heard me say it before! I used to say it to my Agents, to my friends, and even to myself. No matter what the situation is, the uncompleted task I’ve been putting off, the social event I was hesitating to attend – I just have to smile and fake it to make it.

But over the past year… my feelings towards this saying have changed. On the never ending journey of becoming the most authentic version of myself (and encouraging those around me to do the same), “fake it till’ you make it” no longer feels motivational. It feels FAKE. It feels like lying.

So what have I been saying instead?

Act As If.

And at the risk of sounding dramatic – it’s been life changing and (good) habit forming.

So, how did three little words and a mindset shift increase my productivity, implement new routines, build better connections… and find my true self?

Let’s get into it.

About The Author

Barb betts

Barb Betts is a successful REALTOR®, Broker and CEO, Educator, Speaker, and Trainer with a passion for all things Real Estate.

She is known as an influencer in the Real Estate industry and is consistently known for impacting everyone that she speaks to.  She has a passion for her industry and is highly involved at a local, state, and national level.