Are you ready for something a little bit different this week?!

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and join my friend Krista Mashore on HER podcast; F.I.R.E.D UP with Krista Mashore – and rather than being the one to ask the burning questions, I got to sit in the hot seat!

So join us as I share my story into Real Estate, how I stay connected to clients and WHY Social Media is a complete gift to the modern Agent.

Connect with Krista Mashore:
Instagram: @kristamashore
Facebook: @kristamashore
YouTube:  youtube/kristamashore

About The Author

Barb betts

Barb Betts is a successful REALTOR®, Broker and CEO, Educator, Speaker, and Trainer with a passion for all things Real Estate.

She is known as an influencer in the Real Estate industry and is consistently known for impacting everyone that she speaks to.  She has a passion for her industry and is highly involved at a local, state, and national level.