It’s finally here… December! I can’t believe we’re already at the end of 2022… I feel like it was just last week that we were jumping into the New Year.

And if you’ve been with me a while… you know what December means…
It’s time for my Favorite Things of 2022 List!

From the very best tech gadgets, to my crucial Marketing & Social Media tools and even my fave beauty & personal items – I’m sharing it all with you.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into it!

Logitech Brio 4K WebCam

My search for the best webcam really started during 2020 – the year of Zoom’s. IYKYK! And this is hands down, the best webcam at the best price point! A must in our modern day of online meetings & filming!

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The Samson Dynamic Recording Microphone

I’ve tried ALL the mics out there, and this is my favorite one ever! Crisp, clear audio and never misses a beat (literally!)

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UBeeSize 10″ Selfie Ring Light

My Ring Light! Truthfully, they are all so alike. But when I was searching for one that was compact, and short for my desk – I found this one! And it has quickly become my go to!

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Relately® Marketing

THE BEST MARKETING SYSTEM for REALTORS®. And I’m not just saying that because I created it! From Monthly PERSONALIZED Postcards (that we send out for you!) to Social Media Posts & Content to Holiday Cards…. Relately® does it ALL.

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Follow Up Boss

I’ve searched for years for the best CRM. Trust me when I say I’ve tried them ALL. I’ve even tried to create my own! And Follow Up Boss is the absolute best CRM on the market, in my own personal opinion, when it comes to running (and organizing!) a relational business

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Planoly – Social Content Scheduler

Friends, we can’t remember to do it all! Especially when it comes to trying to post every. single. day. Save yourself the headache and plan your Social Media Posts ahead of time! This is my fave app to do just that.

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Asana – Task Management System

I feel like you already know… ASANA is my FAVORITE TOOL in the WORLD. And I could talk about it for days (I quite literally do in my Asana for REALTORS® Masterclass!) You NEED to be organized in order to thrive in 2023 – and Asana is here to help you.

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CapCut – Video Editing Software

The best editor ever! I use this for all my Reels, TikToks, YouTube Shorts… you name it! Plus it even automatically creates CC for you (a huge perk!)

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Mailchimp – Email Marketing Platform

I’m using Mailchimp right now! It’s the best Email Platform out there. Not only is is SUPER user friendly, but it gives you the most detailed analytics.

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Vici – Online Shopping! (MY FAVE)

If you follow me over on the ‘gram – you know I love me some online shopping! And Vici has my favorite clothes ever. It’s all I wear anymore! From concerts to conferences – it has all the looks.

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Stanley Drinking Cups

Move over Yeti… The Stanley is here! Truly my emotional support water cup! It goes with me EVERYWHERE. And I won’t even tell you how many colors I have! It keeps your drink cold, spill-less & looks cute too!

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Away Luggage

With how much I travel, study & quality luggage is a MUST! Especially when your airport is LAX! Away is the best I’ve found out there and keeps all my things secure & arriving safely.

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Loopy – Phone Cases

Never lose a phone to a broken screen again! Loopy makes the best cases and if you have a pop socket on your phone still… It’s time to upgrade to the Loopy! I have them in every color and they truly are my FAVE.

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Okay my friends… I think I’ve shared it ALL with you!

I so hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite things, as much as I enjoyed sharing them all with you!

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