My oh my, has this year flown by! (See what I did there?)

It’s already OCTOBER. Where did the summer go?! And even though it’s still 90 degrees and sunny in Southern California, we’re looking ahead to a hopefully cooler winter… and cooler market.

No matter where you are in the country, your market has been shifting, your rates have been rising and as REALTORS®, we’re feeling it. From our sellers houses sitting a little bit longer than usual, to our buyers feeling priced out… it’s clear the pandemic market has ended and we’re stepping into another set of “unknowns”.

But don’t panic. Whether you’ve been in the Real Estate game for years, or just started – there are Agents everywhere who have seen it all, and gone through it all, before. And it’s time to start leaning on each other, sharing our knowledge and keeping conversations OPEN. Because no matter the market, no matter the season, and no matter the situation – we are better TOGETHER.

In the spirit of sharing it all, I sat down with three publications recently and had the opportunity to share my story (of successes AND failures). From how I left the finance world and entered into my career in Real Estate, to how my brokerage is marketing to clients in this market… we talked about it ALL.

Join me below as I share a little excerpt from each of the three articles, and if you would like to read my whole interviews, I will link them below for you to dive in to. Because no matter what you’re going through right now, I promise I’ve been there before, and I have gotten through it! And I hope some of my message resonates with you and helps you feel a little less panicked – and a little more hopeful.

C.A.R. Magazine | The Lead | by Cathie Ericson

CRE: Your philosophy of “Real Estate by Relationship” is inspiring. What does it mean and how has it been reflected in your career?

BB: Every person you know is an opportunity to help you grow your business, but not by selling to them but rather through them. It’s not about just your circle of friends or family members but about who THEY know who needs to conduct real estate.

When I first started, I was trained to knock on doors and do all the traditional techniques and dialogues, yet it didn’t feel authentic. My manager remind- ed me I grew up here and have lots of contacts and suggested I go talk to my friends and family.

That’s when it clicked, and now I can’t imagine handling business differently. A focus on relationships has allowed us to keep the business strong with clients who trust us through every market. It also lets me be a more present mom because I’m not sitting open houses on the weekend or chasing internet leads. The other great thing about working by referral is you tend to work with people who are just as wonderful as your existing clients. Working relationally lets you maximize your time, have more energy and spend less money marketing, while being more profitable.

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Business In Action, Reminder Media | How to Grow Real Relationships | by Matthew Brady

MB: YOU’VE PROBABLY heard the phrase “If you can’t count on family, who can you count on?” Barb Betts found this out the hard way. When her grandmother passed away in the early 2000s, she thought for sure that, being a real estate agent, her family would want her to sell the property. That turned out to be a hard no. “I was devastated,” Betts reveals. Now a seasoned leader in the industry, Betts advises other agents on how to prioritize and nurture relationships to maximize success. By following a system of simple, commonsense relationship-marketing principles, she says that any person or business can easily and naturally create raving fans.

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Market Pulse | RRC The Residential Specialist | Sept./Oct. 2022

MP: How did you get involved with real estate?

BB: When I was buying my first home, my husband and I chose to be represented by a listing agent with whom we did not have a great experience. I felt like I was always one step ahead of our agent.
I was really interested in the contract, and I was constantly calling the agent with questions that I was determining on my own. Obviously, I know so much more now. I had my son when I was very young, and I didn’t get to pursue my dreams. Later, when my kids were getting a bit older, I was working and missing field trips and all the mom stuff, and I decided
I wanted something that would let me have that work-life balance so I could be an involved mom and contribute to the household. So, I quit my job and went into real estate full-time. Going into real estate gave me control over when I work and when I don’t, when I can be there for my children and when I’m with my clients. I think that flexibility is amazing to have as a working parent.

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