This week, I accomplished a major goal that I had set for myself.

About a year ago, I was forced to leave an organization that held a special place in my heart. Despite being encouraged to pursue my dreams and aspirations by this organization, I was told that my goals were at odds with their own. It was a difficult situation to accept, especially considering the organization had taught me to be true to myself and follow the path that felt right for me.

Earlier this week, I had the incredible opportunity to deliver a keynote address to the National Association of Property Managers (NARPM) at the Omni La Costa resort in Carlsbad. What made this experience even more special was that I was speaking on the same stage, in the same ballroom where I had once sat as an audience member with a goal to speak on “big” stages.

For years, I had felt in my heart that I had an important message to share. I was passionate about inspiring and influencing business owners across all industries to be the best they could be, by providing them with the necessary tools and strategies to propel their businesses and lives forward. Finally, on Thursday, I was able to achieve my dream by delivering my keynote on that very same stage that I had envisioned for so long.

So what do I want you to take from my story……

I want to encourage you to never give up on your dreams. No matter how big or small they may seem, they are worth pursuing with all your heart.

Remember that the road to success is not always easy, and there will be obstacles along the way. But every setback can be an opportunity to learn, grow and become better. You have a unique purpose and passion that only you can fulfill, and the world needs your gifts and talents.

So go out there and take that first step towards your dreams, and don’t be afraid to embrace the journey. You never know where it may lead you, and what amazing things you are capable of achieving.

Keep doing YOU and pursuing YOUR dreams, and I’ll be over here cheering you along!

About The Author

Barb betts

Barb Betts is a successful REALTOR®, Broker and CEO, Educator, Speaker, and Trainer with a passion for all things Real Estate.

She is known as an influencer in the Real Estate industry and is consistently known for impacting everyone that she speaks to.  She has a passion for her industry and is highly involved at a local, state, and national level.