It’s another rainy weekend here in “sunny” SoCal – and as much as we needed the rain… There never seems to be an end in sight!

It just keeps coming, and coming – and dumping it’s dreary-ness all over everything…

(if you can’t see where I’m going with this, hold on)

This never-ending rain, cold gloomy weather, and it’s ability to cancel all of our fun plans and opportunities to be shining outside has been reminding me of something else that has a similar effect…


If you follow me over on the ‘gram, you might have seen my reel I shared this week all about peoples opinions and why I hit the big unsubscribe button from caring about them.

But let’s rewind first.

I am a chronic over thinker! I worry about everything, I listen to the voices in my head too much and I have constantly stressed about what everyone in my life thinks about me.

I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of fun plans I’ve canceled because of what people “might think”.

Or the number of opportunities I didn’t show up for because of people opinions.

Until, one day, I said ENOUGH.

And I won’t lie to you, it hasn’t been easy to turn that switch off! It’s something that’s taken me a lot of time, effort, UNLEARNING, and introspective work.

But jeeze, has it been worth it.

Is any of this resonating with you?

I’m sure it is! Because I think it’s something we ALL struggle with.

Caring too much about what other people think about our businesses, carefully picking out what clothes we wear to conferences so we look “good enough” for other people, only posting the “flattering” selfies to get more likes…

When you really stop to think about it, we spend SO much time living in other people’s heads.

But the truth is, other peoples opinions have nothing to do with who YOU are.

It has everything to do with who THEY are. Their opinions are all based on their past experiences, their judgments, their fears, their expectations, their likes and dislikes.

It all sums up to – what other people think of you? Is actually none of your business! And we shouldn’t focus even a second more on it.

Yes, of course peoples opinions do still matter! Your friends, your families, your mentors and communities.

But outsiders opinions that we let consume us, and dictate what we do with our lives, and prevents us from being AUTHENTICALLY us?! Those are the opinions we need to stop listening to!

The most important lesson I have learned is that the key to freedom from fearing other peoples opinions – is knowing WHO I am, and caring more about what I think about myself – than what outsiders think of me.

So I am here on this gloomy Saturday in SoCal to remind you – YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH. You OWN your OWN feelings. You are doing your BEST. And even if we make mistakes, everyone does!

I urge you this week to start listening to your own opinions, and owning your own truth – because friend, I promise you, it is life changing! And you deserve to feel that freedom from the “voices” too.

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Barb betts

Barb Betts is a successful REALTOR®, Broker and CEO, Educator, Speaker, and Trainer with a passion for all things Real Estate.

She is known as an influencer in the Real Estate industry and is consistently known for impacting everyone that she speaks to.  She has a passion for her industry and is highly involved at a local, state, and national level.