The Power of Social Media Relationships strikes again!

This week I’m joined by my very special friend, Holly Meyer Lucas.

Holly and I met through Social Media and bonded over our love of Baseball (Her husband, and my son, both being in the Professional Baseball World), and when I found out she was also in Real Estate – it was just the icing on the friendship cake!

Holly is not only an incredible, Award-Winning Real Estate Leader out of Jupiter, Florida – but she’s an inspiring advocate for Women everywhere, who are choosing to step into the Real Estate Industry from their previous career trajectories.

Today we’re diving into the nitty gritty of what separates the “Good” Agents, from the “GREAT” Agents – and how YOU too can become the powerful, leading Agent in your market.

From the habits of “Great” Agents, to the mindsets, schedules, strategies and resources it takes to become one… Nothing is left out of our conversation.

So get ready to get GREAT – Let’s jump in!

Connect with Holly!
Instagram: holly.meyer.lucas
Facebook: HollyMeyerLucas13
Twitter: hollymlucas
LinkedIn: hollygmeyer
YouTube: meyerlucasrealestate

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Barb betts

Barb Betts is a successful REALTOR®, Broker and CEO, Educator, Speaker, and Trainer with a passion for all things Real Estate.

She is known as an influencer in the Real Estate industry and is consistently known for impacting everyone that she speaks to.  She has a passion for her industry and is highly involved at a local, state, and national level.